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What Lies Beneath - An Urban Fantasy

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What Lies Beneath - An Urban Fantasy ©2018

    New York City, The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, a bastion of freedom and liberty to the civilized world. It is a place of law, order and rules, but chaos is lurking beneath the streets of Manhattan and with it, ancient magic is awakening.
    Sergeant Bill Door is an NYPD subway cop with a good career and orderly life ahead of him. Little does he know that the first night on patrol with his new partner Melody Jones is about to throw that all into disarray.
All around Midtown Manhattan strange things are happening. There is general feeling of tension and anticipation in the air, as if the whole city is holding its breath. Homeless people are disappearing at an alarming rate and unexplained sightings of mythical creatures are popping up all over the city.
    Fourteen-year-old Emily Lee’s mundane life is just this side of banal, with routine being the norm and her inescapable destiny, running her parent’s corner grocery store for the rest of her earthly existence. Her only hope of freedom is becoming a teen fantasy author. She dreams of a world full of magic and wonder, but knows in her heart there’s no such thing. All that is about to change, when she meets fifteen-year-old Noah Anderson, a homeless orphan with a secret.

What Lies Beneath - An Urban Fantasy

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